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Nuwa Developer Console

# Enterprise  # Tool Design  # Design Lead

See how I improved the experiences for third-party developers by leading a project of redesigning the internal tool for external use that would enable them to submit their applications and contents on the Nuwa AppStore.

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Robot Onboarding Redesign

# Launched project  # Design for kids  # VUI  # Multimodal  

Meeting a robot for the first time can be overwhelming for a child. See how I crafted a narrative-driven onboarding process to let children engage with our robot.

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A Nuwa robot
Mockups of the iTaipei app

Redesign The Official Taipei City App

# UXR  # Internship

I redesigned a city government app with over 200 functions into a proactive, consistent, and personalized experience for citizens by researching public needs for government services.

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