I think creatively and diversely; evaluate critically.

With a background in Psychology and UX Research, I'm passionate about creating innovative and inclusive solutions. Email me to see my latest work!

I have a MS in Human-Computer Interaction/Design from Indiana University Bloomington. Previously, a Product Designer at a startup and a UX Researcher at a design agency.

I'm passionate about walking into uncharted territory and make the most of my experiences.

Worked as a Product Designer and a UX Researcher

I worked on both strategic and tactical challenges! Before that, I was an Executive Recruiter! View my resume for more details.

Have multidisciplinary backgrounds

I hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction/design at IUB. I took diverse classes from public health, stylistics to aviation safety management!

Currently, I'm learning how to design for accessibility and create audio descriptions.

LOVE new technologies, especially voice interaction

Cutting-edge tech is exciting. I am curious about all of them from robotics to AR/VR. I’m particularly passionate about conversational design and motivation-model design.

For example, I participated in Alexa Hackathon with friends and worked on a dialogue design project for Honda's Haru robot for older adults who had dementia.

Oh! About my hobbies...

I love dancing and playing tennis! I also learned to skate. I can skate backward but I'm slow at it!